Photo Courtesy of Becky De Alba

Photo Courtesy of Becky De Alba

Racing down the track over a quarter of a mile on a horse galloping at break-neck speeds. For many, this endeavor would seem like a formidable challenge in its own right. Knowing that a $200,000 purse awaits at the finish line takes that challenge and elevates it to a whole new level.

To Cesar De Alba, a horse jockey sponsored by Overnite Capital, it’s less a challenge and more of a deep-rooted passion. “I love the adrenaline and racing them [the horses]. It’s just something you can’t explain…it’s something I’ve wanted to do my entire life since I was a little kid.”

De Alba explained that racing has been a profession that started in his family. Growing up, his dad and uncles raised and raced horses. In that environment, De Alba was able to find an interest that would eventually develop into a profession.

He has competed professionally in horse races since 2000, and recently won the $200,000 El Primero Del Ano Derby at Los Alamitos Race Course. And while De Alba rides quarter horses, Los Alamitos is also the site of the thorough-bred horse California Chrome, who is slated to compete at the Kentucky Derby.

De Alba has several upcoming races which will determine whether he qualified for bigger races, and races up to fifteen to twenty times a week in various competitions. He is especially appreciative of his sponsorship by Overnite Capital throughout these endeavors.

“It’s a real honor to be sponsored by Overnite Capital, and its great to see someone like [Overnite Capital President and Founder] Brian Battaglia support the sport,” De Alba said. “I know that Brian takes a real interest in horse racing, and it’s great that he cares so much about our community.”

The significance of supporting the horse racing community was not lost to Battaglia, who noted its rich history. “Overnite Capital is a proud sponsor of jockey Cesar De Alba in his accomplished career. We are committed to the success of horse racing with its great tradition,” Battaglia said.

Cesar De Alba’s story is just one personal example of how Overnite Capital aims to support the local community and give back. In addition to De Alba, Overnite Capital works hard to ensure that small to medium sized businesses ┬ástay afloat with a healthy cash flow.

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