In addition to leveraging commercial accounts receivables into cash or a line of credit, Overnite Capital offers services that reduce businesses’ administrative costs associated with billing and collections.

Essentially, as part of our fee structure, Overnite Capital provides many of the services performed by an accounts receivable clerk, thereby eliminating the need for an administrative position.

Overnite Capital can provide these services as part of our fees:

• Inspect and determine credit limits of current and potential customers

• Professional and efficient collections

• Current reporting of all account activity

• Accounting for invoices

Outsourcing these functions through factoring emancipates you to focus on growing your business through production and sales. Let Overnite Capital handle credit and collections.

At first glance, factoring may seem more expensive than a traditional bank loan. When you consider its administrative and operating benefits combined with the short turnaround time for commercial accounts receivable financing, factoring is an efficient form of funding your business.