Project Description

fabulous_floors_magazineOvernite Capital saved my business. My customers pay within 45 or 60 days and that doesn’t match the terms I need to pay my vendors, so I always struggled from a cash flow perspective. The program offered by Overnite Capital allowed me to receive 80% of my customers invoice amount before they paid. Overnite explained that I didn’t have to factor invoices every month or meet a monthly minimum something I never thought was a possibility for my business. The fact that I didn’t have to get myself involved with hard money loans with off the charts interest rates was a relief.


Overnite Capital has become my financial partner with a relationship at every level of the company, from the sales rep to the underwriter to the team I work with, they know who I am and I am not just a number. The customer service is extraordinary. In closing I would encourage you to forget what you thought you knew about factoring. If your business needs money to help you grow don’t hesitate to contact Overnite Capital.