Creativity underwritten by factoring!

Factoring client RodKingz is a multi-platform “automobile racing world” that includes a competitive online racing game, miniature die-cast race cars for trading, a board game, a book series and apparel. 

With it’s compelling business plan and quick consumer uptake, RodKingz has access to working capital through factoring via Overnite Capital, rather than costly equity financing.

Here’s what Sharon Rice of the Canyon Lake Friday Flyer has to say about RodKingz:


 (Edited) RodKingz is a multi-platform “racing world” that includes a competitive online racing game, miniature die-cast race cars for trading, a board game, a book series, T-shirts and, if all goes as planned, an eventual television series.

With a great deal of experience in the gaming, branding and merchandising industries, A.J. says he had “the complete vision” for his racing world all at once; however, a board game was the first step in developing it, followed by a book. Early on, his trademark attorney helped him come up with the name, “RodKingz” (derived from Road King) that could be owned worldwide in all product categories.

Adventures in Raceland

A.J.’s first book, “Adventures in Raceland,” frames the RodKingz brand and is the story of two young teens, Keegan and Kyle McKay, growing up near the world-famous Sunnyvale International Speedway. When the boys find a secret passage at Hot Rod High, they are transported to “Raceland,” a magical world where the boys can engage in healthy competitive racing.

“I started writing the first book while I was still creating the gaming content in my head,” A.J. explains.

He says that the idea to trade miniature race cars, called Micro-rods, came from years of working for Pokemon and seeing kids trading, selling and buying Pokemon cards. Each die-cast car comes with a VIN number that is registered online and used when kids compete in the RodKingz online racing game. The winner of each race gets to take the other player’s VIN number.

Players also compete to try to collect all the cars. As players collect more and more cars, they can win prizes such as iPads, NASCAR T-shirts and even scholarships. A.J. says that, for those who manage to collect all 121 cars, RodKingz will give away an actual car for their 16th birthday.

Those who read “Adventures in Raceland” see the same practice (winning and losing cars) take place among the young racers in the book. A.J.’s action-packed story, which appeals to ages 6 to 14, promotes social interaction, fair play and wholesome personal development. There is a brief lesson for readers at the end of each chapter. For example, at the end of chapter 7, the Game Lesson is “Friends can help you win a race.” And the Life Lesson is: “In order to have a friend, first you have to be one.”

Focus on Youth Entertainment

“In a culture that is increasingly pushing sex, drugs and violence into children’s entertainment, I saw that it was time for an alternative,” says A.J.. “I created the RodKingz brand to give children an appropriate way to play, learn and have fun.”

Asked whether this generation of young people still reads books, A.J. says, “Kids today are almost completely digitally entertained, but many found time to read Harry Potter and were very entertained. Besides, the books are intended to ‘frame’ the property and are written in an episodic format well-suited for a television series that we’re hoping comes along later. Further, every chapter of the book ends with a QR code that the reader can scan with their Smartphone and see an animated mini-clip of the chapter they just read. This brings the two worlds a little closer together.”