National Small Business Week kicked off this week as Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, The White House, and Small Business Administration Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet all commented on this week dedicated toward highlighting the efforts of entrepreneurs.

For the skeptical individual, it’s easy to point to this week and ask: is it all for show?

At a cursory glance, it would appear so. President Barack Obama for example, did state that,”Employing millions of Americans and creating nearly two out of three new jobs, America’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy” but in the immediate paragraph highlighted his own administration’s accomplishments, noting that the importance of small businesses is why, “we have cut taxes for small businesses 18 times and we remain committed to simplifying the tax code for small businesses.”

Pelosi would weigh in at a celebration held at Twitter’s headquarters Monday, May 12, 2014. “Thank you to Twitter for the transformational impact you have had on small businesses, on our economy, on democratizing communication as well as economic growth,” Pelosi said. Even Contreras-Sweet pushed the significance of the SBA, noting that, “It doesn’t matter if you run a restaurant, a janitorial company, an E-commerce website, or the next big thing in tech, the SBA is here for you.”

It’s easy to praise small businesses and celebrate National Small Business Week, but the astute observer will be compelled to ask what progress is actually being made this week to further support entrepreneurs.

One tangible, real effort made on the part of SBA is the $2.5 million competition announced by the SBA today. This is perhaps the one sole effort made by the public sector that may be pointed to. While there are other options, such as attending online seminars (, there are not many officials events being hosted by the SBA.

For the entrepreneur, don’t let minimal events hinder the celebration of this big week for small businesses. Consider looking at events being hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce or state SBA agency in the area. Moreover, when looking for a company that will look to support small business, go beyond the SBA or the government and seek out support from Overnite Capital.

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