Getting Your Business Funded

For many struggling businesses, it can be an enormously difficult task to obtain the capital needed to stay alive and promote growth. Often, bank loans are simply impossible to secure, due to the applicant’s poor or limited credit history. Equity-based financing provides another option, but this involves surrendering partial control of the company in exchange for funding.

Fortunately, there is another way for businesses to raise substantial amounts of funds. This method is known as factoring, or accounts receivable financing. It’s what we specialize in at Overnite Capital.

Factoring is simple: A business sells its outstanding invoices to a factoring company like Overnite Capital. This allows the business to obtain needed capital in a matter of days, rather than waiting weeks or months to collect payments from customers.

Our e-book “Getting Your Business Funded” explores the factoring process in more detail. This e-book covers the following topics and more:

  • What a business must do to qualify for this type of financing.
  • How factoring works, step by step.
  • Why factoring may be the best option for a business even if it can qualify for other types of financing.
  • Why businesses with bad credit can still qualify for accounts receivable financing.

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