Photo Credit: Cliff/Flickr

Photo Credit: Cliff/Flickr

Entrepreneurs, for the most part, can develop a universal agreement of affection for one word: growth. Any startup business for example, should be delighted by the prospect of having more orders for their goods and services and being able to expand with the flow of revenue coming in.

It may be the case however, where employees may be reluctant to a change, whether it be in the pace of work or the scope of work that needs to be fulfilled. Jim Alampi, founder of Alampi & Associates, notes that “Workers generally become comfortable in a routine and are often upset by change. Long-term employees who have done a task a certain way for years have a tendency to resist having to learn new processes and adjust to new technology.”

Alampi further goes on to state that as the business expands, so too may the employees hired by the business. Finding employees that maintain an open mind and are willing to embrace change will benefit a business in its productivity and its workplace environment.

Beyond the concerns with staffing, there are other concerns that businesses may face. Seasonal businesses may find that the cash flow that they had in one season does not extend to the next. Likewise, a business that receives numerous orders but does not have the means to fulfill these orders will face a rather curious dilemma of having a demand but no means to afford the supply.

This is where Overnite Capital comes in. Overnite Capital is able to provide business owners the financing that they need to rapidly fulfill orders for their businesses or to help out with staffing and other concerns for seasonal businesses. To find out more information, click the Contact Us tab or call 1.800.957.4309 today.