No minimums or hidden fees

Factoring facilities up to $15 million

      • Servicing manufacturers, distributors, importers and service companies
      • No monthly minimums–use our funds at your discretion
      • Funding within 24 to 48 hours of verified invoices
      • Reserves released once a week
      • Only factored customers pay to a lockbox
      • No customer concentration limitations
      • 24/7 online reporting system–cash receipts posted daily
      • Purchase order finance options

Seasonal business. No problem

Why should I consider financing through Overnite Capital?

If you are looking to rapidly grow your business but don’t have the cash flow to expand, you probably feel stuck or don’t know what your options are. You may have been rejected for loans by banks or the government, which focus on your credit and profitability. Our funding solutions instead rely on your customers and their ability to pay, using your purchase orders or commercial accounts receivable to get you the working capital you need.

What is factoring?

You’re not alone if you don’t fully understand factoring, but businesses of all sizes use factoring every day to finance their operations. In essence, factoring means you are selling your receivables to Overnite Capital. We can advance up to 90% of the invoice prior to your customer paying so that you can use those funds at your discretion. (You’ll receive the remaining balance, minus our company’s fees, after the customer pays.)

What information do you need, and how does the process work?

The process is simple.

  • Complete a short application form with your financial information
  • Tell us the details of your accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Include your businesses financial information for the past two years and financial projections, if you have them
  • Give us an overview of your business and provide us with a customer list
  • Show us an example of an open invoice (along with related documentation)

We can then determine what types of financing are available to your company and promptly create a competitive proposal for you if your business is eligible.

What kinds of businesses do you serve?

Factoring is available for a wide range of businesses. Our underwriters are experienced in manufacturing and distribution of everything from furniture to electronics. We are also knowledgeable about the challenges faced by the apparel, staffing, and trucking industries in this difficult economy and have government specialists available to help if you take government contracts.

Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed—there are hundreds of sectors we can finance!

What if I’ve never borrowed for my business before?

No problem! At Overnite Capital, we help many businesses who are borrowing for the first time. Our staff has the experience to guide you through the process so you can stop worrying about obtaining funds and get back to your business.

How soon can I get my funds?

With verified invoices, we can provide funding within 24–48 hours.

I’m not sure if my business qualifies for factoring. What should I do?

Call us! While your individual scenario may not fit all of our lending criteria, we are able to accommodate more businesses than sources such as banks or other lenders, which may have very restrictive lending guidelines or work with very particular kinds of businesses. Even if your business is a small startup or you have poor personal credit, if you have accounts receivable or purchase orders from a creditworthy customer, your business may be eligible. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work on determining if factoring is right for your business and getting you the capital that you need—fast.