Kick-Start Growth With Letters of Credit and Factoring

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Overnite Capital is all about helping companies succeed. Letters of credit are a practical solution for a company that has verified purchase orders from legitimate customers, but lacks the capital to complete the deal.

To this end, we work with long-term financial partners to structure letters of credit to our client’s suppliers; […]

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$500 Holiday Bonus Bulletin

To cap off the year and celebrate the holidays, Overnite Capital is offering a $500 bonus for each new referral closed in December.

We appreciate your support of our factoring products and this bonus says “Thank You” loud and clear!

Please email or call 800-957-4309 to get started.

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Why Overnite Capital?

“With so many different firms offering financing services, how do you decide which company is the right fit for your business loans?”

When choosing the right financing solution, it is important to consider various factors that will affect your business’ timeline. For example, what are the monthly minimums? How quickly will you be able to […]

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Reduced Operating Costs Are a Significant Benefit of Factoring

In addition to leveraging commercial accounts receivables into cash or a line of credit, Overnite Capital offers services that reduce businesses’ administrative costs associated with billing and collections.

Essentially, as part of our fee structure, Overnite Capital provides many of the services performed by an accounts receivable clerk, thereby eliminating the need for an administrative […]

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Overnite Capital – Sponsored Athlete, Cesar De Alba

It is just over a year since Overnite Capital and jockey Cesar DeAlba began our sponsorship journey. From the beginning, we have been happy to support Cesar’s riding as well as his commitment to responsible care for the horses during and after their careers.

As a professional jockey Cesar’s home base is Los Alamitos Race […]

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Ease Seasonal Cash Flow

Between the upcoming production-delivery-and-sales cycle of the holiday season and the closing of  2014, there is far more benefit in having the cash from your current accounts receivable in your bank account rather that on your balance sheet. You took the orders, produced the goods, shipped them and promptly sent the invoice. Rather than […]

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Fast-paced entrepreneurs face growing pains

Entrepreneurs, for the most part, can develop a universal agreement of affection for one word: growth. Any startup business for example, should be delighted by the prospect of having more orders for their goods and services and being able to expand with the flow of revenue coming in.

It may be the case however, where […]

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Startup Slip-Ups to Avoid

Startups face a lot of challenges in their initial stages of growth. This blog has covered some of the team dynamics and social media strategies that startups can employ.

Entrepreneur Magazine however, recently covered four potential problems that can plague startup businesses: (1) over-developing an initial product; (2) making sure that those who support the […]

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Factoring In Small Business Tax Credits in California

The “California Competes” program, overseen by the California Office of Business and Economic Development (also known as GO-Biz), will boost small businesses across California via tax credits. It’s a good program. But it could take years for a small business to benefit from the tax credit, that is if the small business fulfills all […]

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    Square Capital: a solution to the cash-strapped entrepreneur?

Square Capital: a solution to the cash-strapped entrepreneur?

Square, the popular company that assists small business owners in processing mobile payments, took the new step in supporting the business community. On May 28, 2014, Square Capital was launched. The company will now offer businesses cash advances against future sales.

Square claims that under the pilot program that preceded the official announcement of Square […]

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