Startup Slip-Ups to Avoid

Startups face a lot of challenges in their initial stages of growth. This blog has covered some of the team dynamics and social media strategies that startups can employ.

Entrepreneur Magazine however, recently covered four potential problems that can plague startup businesses: (1) over-developing an initial product; (2) making sure that those who support the […]

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Factoring In Small Business Tax Credits in California

The “California Competes” program, overseen by the California Office of Business and Economic Development (also known as GO-Biz), will boost small businesses across California via tax credits. It’s a good program. But it could take years for a small business to benefit from the tax credit, that is if the small business fulfills all […]

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Turning a Hobby into a Business

Most people aspire to love their jobs. While this is a good goal to live by, some individuals also want to turn their hobbies-past time activities such as making arts and crafts, baked goods, or clothes- into a profession.
For these entrepreneurial individuals who want to take their hobbies into a business yielding sizable profits, […]

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    Square Capital: a solution to the cash-strapped entrepreneur?

Square Capital: a solution to the cash-strapped entrepreneur?

Square, the popular company that assists small business owners in processing mobile payments, took the new step in supporting the business community. On May 28, 2014, Square Capital was launched. The company will now offer businesses cash advances against future sales.

Square claims that under the pilot program that preceded the official announcement of Square […]

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Allocating Equity for Success

For most startup businesses, offering money to partners isn’t an option. Instead, most entrepreneurs will offer the potential of the business by offering equity. How can one be sure however, that the equity of a company is being divided in a strategic and smart manner?

Weston Bergmann, the lead investor in BetaBlox, offers four different […]

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Smart phones sync small businesses with success

The smart phone has innovated the way that individuals communicate with one another. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, or Facetime, the smart phone should be seen as a revolutionary tool that has truly changed Western society. It should be no surprise then, that smart phones have revolutionized entrepreneurs’ approach to small businesses as well.

The Associated […]

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Is Public Relations Necessary For a Start-up?

Start-up businesses have to consider how to invest their precious, finite resources. Whether a business owner is considering investing in advertising or marketing, public relations is a factor that is too often neglected.

The answer may be more complex than a simple yes or no. According to Taryn Langer, co-founder of Moxie Communications Group, it depends on […]

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Raising a Victor: Cesar De Alba

A two-year old horse galloped along the track at Los Alamitos Race Course, jockey Cesar De Alba (sponsored by Overnite Capital) riding the young Off Beat to a respectable fifth place. The race was aptly named Kindergarten Futurity, a competition for two-year old horses. It was Off Beat’s third race, and while it was a […]

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California Chrome gallops toward the Triple Crown

Before, this blog has covered it’s sponsored rider, Cesar de Alba and the fact that he trains at the same track as then-Kentucky Derby competitor California Chrome. Since then, California Chrome has galloped toward greater heights, winning both the Kentucky Derby and today, the Preakness Stakes.

California Chrome is now on track to win the […]

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Building a dynamic business website

As discussed on this blog before, utilizing SEO and pay-per-click marketing are both important methods toward drawing customers to a business’ website. Once customers begin heading to a website however, it’s important for a business owner to ensure that they’ve invested enough in their web presence to seal the deal.

Business owners should be aware […]

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